Amazing books by Black authors

2 Jun 2020

category is ~ literature ~ activism ~ black lives matter ~

Black people, like George Floyd, are routinely profiled and murdered by the police all over the world. Anything I write here is feeble in the face of that. But guess what...? It's not about me.

I feel the very least I can do, as a white booklover, is to point people in the right direction so they can experience different realities in the media they consume, not just in the tragic news they see, and develop some empathy. Here is my small contribution.

Please also consider donating to at least one of the funds listed here.

My favourite books by Black authors:

Honourable mentions:

Some books by Black authors that I already have on my shelf/Kindle, and that I want to prioritise in the next few months. Maybe they will give you some inspiration for your reading list:

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