My name is Rosamund. I'm from the UK (grew up in Norfolk and Suffolk). I now live in Berlin, Germany.

This blog is a natural evolution of my old one, which had kind of run its course. Along with my burgeoning interest in the behind-the-scenes of websites, I wanted to have more autonomy over its look and features, plus I needed to have an excuse to keep publishing online. Building a blog seemed like a perfect meeting of those worlds.

When I'm not "doing tech", my greatest passion is, without question, literature. I'm an incorrigible bookworm and have my own two works on the go, a novel and a non-fiction book. I have been vegan since 2011 (with the exception of a few miserable months in 2014, but we don't talk about that). I also try to generate as little waste as possible. I've loved making, reusing, and fixing my own things since I was a child! Otherwise, I love just exploring and learning about the city and surrounding area.

I built this blog with Wagtail CMS. Here's the source code.

P.S. About the blog name: it's basically "Rosamund".
Latin: rosa mundi, English: rose of the world, German: Rose der Welt.