Monbijoubr├╝cke Berlin

My name is Rosamund and I'm bridging the gap between LitHub and GitHub!

I'm originally from the East of England and I live in Berlin, Germany. I work as a software developer. You can read a little more about my professional journey and why I started this blog here.

When I'm not coding, you'll most likely find me stuck in a good book. I veer strongly towards novels and memoirs with queer or feminist themes; check out my reading lists by year. In February 2021, I finally finished the first draft of my first novel. I'm writing and researching a non-fiction book, too. ­čîÜ

Otherwise, I enjoy learning Russian, playing with my two cats, and just exploring and learning about my city and the surrounding area. I've also been vegan since 2011 and wouldn't have it any other way.

P.S. About the blog name: it's pretty much "Rosamund" literally translated into German.
Latin: rosa mundi => English: rose of the world => German: Rose der Welt.

P.P.S. All thoughts and opinions on this site are my own.